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Hi My name is Vicky and I am a huge NASCAR fan.

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I have followed NASCAR most of my life but never really had a favorite driver. Until one day, Robert Yates picked up this cute young driver named Davey Allison:)) and then I was hooked!! I was a huge Davey Allison fan and picked up everything with his picture on it. When his helicopter crash happened, it was on the news and radio. I was in shock could not believe it. I remember the morning he died, I was lying in bed and it came on the radio I was crushed. You know it is funny how people you never meet can touch you in such wonderful ways. I watched for the next few weeks to see what would happen with my 28 car. There were a couple different drivers in the car then they found Ernie Irvan who I was not very impressed with at first, but he was good and was starting to win and doing well in the points. I could not help but cheer for him he was driving my car. Then one Saturday morning he was tragically injured while taking a practice run around the track at Michigan. There I was in shock again!! What was going to happen to Ernie was he going to be ok, then it was announced that he would pull through but was never expected to race again. So there I was again my 28 car with no driver. Now was I going to keep watching? I told myself no but I could not keep myself from it. When Dale Jarrett was named as the driver to take over driving the 28 car all I could do was cheer for him. I kept up with how Ernie was doing and as weeks went by I kept thinking how great it would be if he could recover and drive that car again. At the same time, I was really liking Dale Jarrett. He would do interviews and have nothing but kind words to say, never looked at a race in a negative way. As the year went by and Ernie was healing wonderfully, I found myself along with many other people wondering how could we get Ernie back and keep Jarrett. Then they announced they were going to a multi car team. Which I thought was great!! Ernie would go back in the 28 and Jarrett would go to the 88. I think a lot of people were worried about Ernie getting back in the car and thought he would be dangerous. Nevertheless, I was so excited!! I think he did a great job for everything he had been though, I was devastated when Robert Yates announced that Ernie would not be driving the 28 car the next season, I must say I still am not thrilled about that!!! Ernie has now gone to the 36 skittles team. I find myself cheering for him.:) Then it was announced that Kenny Irwin would take over the 28 car. During his first season, Kenny posted nine top-10 qualifying efforts and ended his rookie season with one top-5 and four top-10 finishes. Irwin claimed the prestigious 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup Raybestos Rookie of the Year honors. Kenny finished 19th in overall Winston Cup Points for the 1999 season. Kenny and RYR parted ways. Kenny moved over to the 42 Bell South car and Ricky Rudd would take over the 28 car. 2000 started out great but it would be the second most tragic year to me in Nascar History July 7, 2000 - We were all terribly saddened to learn of the tragic and unfortunate death of Kenny Irwin at the New Hampshire speedway. It was a tough year. Now Ricky Rudd is an old veteran and I hope he stays around long enough so maybe we will see that 28 car in victory lane. Well he did make it to victory lane but he did not stick around. Now we have no 28 car and I am very sad. I can’t even go into it or I will write for 3 days.

It is now 2004 I was not real excited about the 38 car or Sadler but he has grown on me. I catch myself rooting for him. So I have decided maybe 38 can become the new power of NASCAR. I mean it’s not even Winston Cup anymore. We had our Davey and 28 for Winston Cup so now it will be Elliott and 38 for Nextel Cup.Sadler has done a great job and i love him now. I think he will win a championship in the coming years. This is Jarretts last year with RYR and i am sad but you never know he may do great in a toyota. Well it is 2011 now, things have changed A LOT. JR is driving my 88 car and there is no 28 or 38 cars. Elliott Sadler is trying to win the Nationwide Series. I am really liking Harvick and Danica Patrick. Jimmie Johnson has won the last 5 Championships, I am not happy:(. I am working on updates. Thanks



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